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Ruud Achiever Series Super Quiet 80 Downflow Gas Review: "Great Selections From Ruud's Furnaced Line to Fit All Homeowners Needs" Ruud furnaces are very reliable, cost effective, and attractive. Ruud Achiever Series Super Quiet 80 Downflow Gas Furnace. quality of the Ruud Achiver® Series Super Quiet 80, we re-engineered the. Super Quiet 80 is equipped with a permanent, washable filter that's easy to access and clean.

Ruud Achiever Plus Series Ruud Achiever Plus There is a vast line of furnaces offered by Ruud, including the 90 and 95 modulating furnace which offers a Lifetime Unit Replacement. Review: "Overall Pretty Solid Unit" Installed when house was built in 2000, one repair to the niter. Solid doors provide quiet operation. • Solid bottom. • Insulated blower. solid state time on/time off blower control; limit control; manual shut- off valve, pressure. Ruud. 80 = 80% AFUE. 1 = Single Stage. T = Constant. Torque. Desn Series.

Consumer Reviews of RUUD furnaces from to Which as a desiel mechanic, it is the same thing as a glow plug on a truck - and those go out as well - so I guess you could say that is expected Review: "Furnace" We installed a new furnace in our rental home 6 years ago and it has been absolutely trouble free. Read 10 reviews of RUUD furnaces written from Apr 2011 to Jun 2013 or write your own review. Achiever 5 reviews; Achiever 90 Plus 14 reviews. How many land lords have tenants that change there filter every month, let alone keep a.

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